About us

Borderless Investigations specializes in cross-border investigations. This means that we trace missing and unknown relatives in other countries, keep a close and discreet eye on the movements of employees and partners abroad, collect information in criminal cases independently but also give advice on what steps to take next. When necessary we therefore rely on our strong network of reliable local relationships. As a detective agency Borderless Investigations not only collects information, but also uses it to analyze and connect the dots in order to provide clients with clarity and certainty.

Certainty in price

We make clear agreements about costs. Fixed fees with no hourly charges, so you will not be faced with surprises.

Privacy guaranteed

As standard practice we only work with people who have successfully completed a formal private investigator training. In addition, we apply a ‘privacy code of conduct’ in our operations which is in line with applicable laws and regulations, so that you are assured that we always act honestly and with integrity.

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