If someone threatens to reveal information that may damage your reputation or good name there is blackmail. Being a victim of blackmail or extortion, can have a devastating impact on your life. Whether this remains a threat or is carried out.

Especially if the blackmail takes place from abroad, it can be an ongoing struggle. Identifying and locating a sophisticated perpetrator is in most cases impossible. Therefore, you should not be stuck with this problem any longer.

Case example

Jan-Willem (62): As a partner and consultant at a large consultancy firm, I traveled all over the world to support companies with large acquisitions. Frequently I was a few months away from home to steer a project in the right direction. My primary residence has always been in the Netherlands with my family.

During these business trips, which I made twice a year at least, I have seen a lot and met many people. That has given me a huge network and many nice and interesting contacts. The social aspect is an important part of the job and so is socializing.  

Due to this, I sometimes found myself in situations that I would never put myself into. Likewise, a year and a half ago in Belgrade when I ended up with a group of Serbs in a nightclub. It seemed the most normal thing in the world for them, but I went from one surprise to another. A private table in the VIP section of the club was arranged where the most expensive vodka and champagne were served continuously. If only it would stay like this, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

A few weeks ago I received an email from an anonymous sender with some links and photos attached. It was all material which shows what happened that night in that Serbian club. The images give the impression that I was really misbehaving there. Images showing scantily clad ladies and a table with a white powdery substance on it. Although I had a drink or two and was somewhat tipsy, it is not in my nature to go beyond my limits. Let alone those of my wife or business partners.

I didn’t have a clear memory about what happened that particular evening, but my memory has been painfully refreshed. There are even photos on which I can be seen with one of the women in my hotel room. I can’t remember anything about this. But what I do know is that the suggestion raised, is something I don’t like to be shared with my family and colleagues. The email with the confronting material also contained the names and contact details of my family and business associates, including links to their social media accounts and email addresses. This indicates that the information can be easily forwarded. Whoever is behind this: he has done his homework.

It has already cost me a few thousand euros to keep the information secret between me and the one who is blackmailing me so I can’t keep this up much longer.

When do we speak of blackmail?

In law, there is a distinction between extortion and blackmail. We use the term blackmail when the perpetrator threatens to share information that can harm your reputation. For instance someone threatens you with slander, libel or revealing a secret.

We can help

You can file a report for blackmail with the police. Unfortunately, such cases take very long time. Especially cross-border cases create enormous investigation problems at the police force. It is no exception that one year has passed before something can be done with incriminating material due to international procedures which have to be followed. Usually it is not an option to wait so long. Do not stay stuck. A blackmail case is exhausting emotionally and often also financially.

Borderless Investigations tackles blackmail so that the damage can be minimized. You can be comforted that you are not on your own. We specialize in investigations abroad and are often able to quickly find the perpetrator. In doing so, it is our goal to protect your good name and to take away the power someone has over you. We help with any legal action and provide thorough case documentation when filing a complaint or lawsuit.

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