Searching for birth parents

Looking for your biological parents if you were adopted can be a complicated process. Finding your biological family gives insight into your background and can help you understand why you were released for adoption. But the adoptee has often little information about where he comes from. This makes the search complex and at times frustrating, especially when your home country is far away and the adoption has been done without proper administration.

We specialize in locating people abroad. We know how to help you in your search for your biological parents.

Case example

Sylvie (29): When I was three months old, I was taken from Sri Lanka by my adoptive parents. They had a strong desire for children, but unfortunately they couldn’t have children themselves. My biological mother died at birth and my biological father wasn’t in the picture. At least, that's how it was told to me.

During my childhood I never asked much about my origins. My parents were just my parents. Of course I knew the story more or less, but it didn’t feel to me like I didn’t really belong to them. I had a place in the family. My parents got another daughter after my adoption and with my sister I have a close sister bond. I had many friends and at school I did well.

Only much later, when I was married and my husband and I started thinking about having children, the interest in my birth parents began to emerge. Through a website for people who have been adopted from Sri Lanka, I came in contact with a guy who had been adopted from the same place as me. What he told me caused everything to come into question.

He had discovered that both his parents were still alive, contrary to what was told him and his adoptive parents. Because both our adoptions went through the same adoption agency, doubt began to arise. This feeling was reinforced when I met more people who were in the same situation as me. Some now reunited with their families, others are still searching.

In the past I might have been indifferent, now I would like to know exactly what happened to me and my biological parents in those first months after my birth. Has my birth mother indeed died? And is it possible to find out who my father is?

The adoption agency doesn’t want to cooperate. Documents can’t be found and they keep saying that my mother died and my father is unknown. But as long as I have no proof of that, I find it difficult to believe this. I want to be sure if the story is right. Otherwise it keeps gnawing at me.

Questions on adoption

Because the circumstances in which an adoption takes place are not always clear, questions often arise sooner or later. Adoptive parents often want to be transparent about the adoption and adoptive children often need clarity about the adoption route. That route may be quite different than previously assumed.

There are cases in which children have come into the world for the sole purpose of meeting the need for adoptive children. Children are sometimes taken away from their parents: consent is not always given voluntary. Or the child has been left on a doorstep somewhere without proper administration and follow-up. In case a child has been abandoned, it is important for many adopted children to know why this happened exactly. This can arise the need to meet the birth parents.

We can help

Searching for your biological parents can be a complicated process. In many places where children are put up for adoption it is not recorded who has relinquished the child.

Borderless Investigations helps to find answers regarding adoption matters. Together we find out from which situation you were adopted and we look for your birth parents or other relatives from your country of origin. We realize the sensitivity of the situation and understand that your loyalty to your adoptive parents can make it emotionally difficult to search. We are happy to guide you step by step through this process, so you always keep control and stay informed of the progress of the investigation.