Mystery client investigation 

As an entrepreneur, you do your utmost best to offer high quality service. To achieve this, you have a team that has everything to let guests and customers have a pleasant experience. Really nothing is left to chance. How frustrating is it when the bad behavior or poor performance of a single employee still leads to bad press. 

Engaging an agency that specializes in investigations by mystery guests might then be a way to gain reliable insight into where exactly the pain points are in your organization. It allows you to keep the professional attitude of the staff matching up with the service level you strive for. 

When should you hire a mystery guest or mystery shopper? 

We list the most important reasons here. 

  • Gain insight into the customer experience; how do guests or customers experience their stay or reception? 
  • Protecting the image of the company or organization; do employees meet the professional expectations, even if there is no supervision? 
  • Identifying commercial opportunities and areas for improvement; how can the product be improved? are there potential cross- and upselling opportunities? is your marketing focus on the strengths of the company? 
  • Observing the integrity of the staff in general or gathering evidence of illegal activities by an employee in particular 
  • Testing and training purposes but also identifying training needs 
  • Quality assurance; do the processes and procedures allow us to work efficiently, safely and properly or are there shortcomings? 


We can help 

Based on an intake interview the deployment of a mystery guest or mystery shopper is always tailor-made for the client's requirements. Borderless Investigations has experienced specialists with a commercial background who are trained and competent in business intelligence. The unique methods used in the role of customer or guest will lead to the intended information fully reported in detail. 

The results of this report then enable you as a client to make well-founded decisions or follow-up actions. 

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