Personal background check

Being an entrepreneur means taking risks. But unnecessary risks should not be taken. If you enter into a new collaborating partnership or hire a new employee, you want to be sure that you make the right choice. To verify that someone is who he or she claims to be, you can hire a detective agency to carry out a personal investigation, so that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

If someone has gained an education or work experience abroad it is often difficult to assess whether this is the kind of experience your company requires. In addition, it is even more challenging to determine whether it is actually the truth that candidates put in their resumes. So let yourself be helped by professionals who can quickly verify a story, resume or cv.

Case example

Pim (29): For my startup I seek collaboration. I am an app developer and I have set up a company with which I develop online applications for the logistics industry. Such an app can, for example, make the work easier and safer for truck drivers. Thanks to a large investor I have been able to develop many great things.

Since I am a technical and creative person, rather than a sales person, I would like to enter into a partnership with someone who can sell well. This person is then responsible for the relations with the clients. In addition to understanding sales, he must also understand what the products can do and understand exactly what technology is helping the client.

In short, the profile is fairly specific for which there are few candidates. If there’s someone with an appropriate CV, I immediately have a tendency to work with the person. Then this profile of Mirthe had caught my eye. She attended a business training at the University of Madrid and she had eight years of experience in sales and management positions in several European tech companies. As befits a sales tiger, she is very convincing and has good communication skills.

Somehow her resume looks too good to be true. If it’s all true, then I can have a wonderful business partner with her, but I can’t afford much risk at this stage of my business. It is now important for me to quickly enter the market with my product and I don’t want to delay this process.

Of course I did some research myself to find out if Mirthe’s CV is correct, but I quickly ran into walls. For instance I did a pretty comprehensive reference check. But I couldn’t get a clear story about past jobs, her accomplishments and the reasons for leaving. The University of Madrid can’t give me information about if and when she would have graduated.

Maybe, by coincidence, I only spoke to people who didn’t quite know the ins and the outs. Or maybe it was because of the language barrier. However, before I start to work with Mirthe, I want certainty. And if she has indeed worked at the companies listed on her cv, then I would like to know if I can trust her with the knowledge she will gain about my apps. I don’t want it shared with competitors.

When to conduct a pre-employment screening or background check?

When you enter into a cooperation, you want to be sure that the other person is reliable and honest about his personal data, education and work history. You also want to know if this person has a criminal record, committed fraud, had conflicts or has involvement with competitors.

What we investigate

What specifically needs to be investigated will be decided in mutual consultation. It depends on the company and the role that is being recruited. Among others the following aspects of investigation can be considered.

  • name and address data
  • proof of identity
  • CV, references and diplomas
  • online behavior, such as social media
  • possibly criminal history
  • information credit bureau

We can help

Conducting a personal investigation yourself is not that easy. Especially if you want to investigate across national borders. Moreover, you are bound by privacy rules. A professional does not only conduct a thorough investigation but also prevent you from violating privacy laws.

Borderless Investigations conducts extensive pre-employment investigations and works according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By outsourcing a personal or antecedent investigation to us, you will quickly find out whether a new employee or business partner will be an asset to your company. We specialize in matters that take place across borders. We quickly provide a detailed report so that you can make an informed decision about the possible employment relationship.

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