Personal investigations

Feeling insecure or unsafe can have a huge impact on your life and affect your daily functioning. Especially when long distances or borders are involved, worries can render you powerless, because of the difficulties to obtain clarity or evidence. The police are often not able to help, for example in civil cases, due to lack of (suitable) manpower or because of the complicated procedures that apply to such international investigations. Then you would do well to call in a professional who collects evidence for you and to put an end to the uncertainty. Borderless Investigations specializes in matters with an international dimension that have so much impact on your life.

How we work

Our approach, acquired expertise and discreet dedication enable us to understand your unique situation in order to find answers and to provide the required evidence.Our service begins with a free initial consultation to discuss your case and requirements in a confidential manner. Following this, we will issue a quotation including plan of action. The prices stated in the quotation are flat fee based, and not on the basis of an hourly rate, enabling you to keep control of the costs. As soon as we complete the investigation you will receive a full report. The findings can be used to strengthen your position in negotiations or as evidence in legal proceedings.

Our services

Private investigation comes in a variety of forms; learn more about our services below. Hiring a professional private investigator will save you time and money and prevent you from further headaches. Want to know more? Contact us today and get the answers you are looking for.