Sexual offence investigation and support

Sexual violence, sexual abuse and incest are very serious offences. These sex crimes are extremely traumatic and offenders should not go unpunished. Unfortunately, due to understaffing, you cannot always count on the police. Sex crime cases are often not investigated as thoroughly as they should be and especially when the offence takes place outside the country’s borders, an adequate investigation can be very difficult.

If you have been subjected to a sex crime, you should contact the police to tell your story as soon as possible. The police will document necessary information and explain what investigation and prosecution involves. Only then will you decide whether you wish to make a formal report. The police unfortunately do not always manage to deal with all matters immediately, so do not hesitate to contact us. Then you can be sure that the case will be picked up right away and that as a victim you can file a report.

Case example

Caroline (47): When I noticed that my daughter was starting to withdraw into herself, I began digging. She is an introvert teenager, but I felt that there was something more than this usual distance. Eventually she took me into her confidence and told me that she was abused by the eldest son of the host family in Barcelona where she was staying after her final exams.

Daphné has always been a shy girl and for this reason I have encouraged her to go abroad after school for a few months. To help her come out of her shell and develop self-confidence. And there she went, 16 years old, for the first time abroad without parents. During the first weeks she blossomed and she had a great time. She told enthusiastically about all the things she was doing with her friends of the Spanish classes and the family where she was staying. Until the moment that this guy became more and more handsy.

She came back earlier than planned and she often sat gloomy in her room. She didn’t want to talk about her time in Barcelona anymore and she was curt with me and her father. When tensions ran high, I started to ask more specific questions about what happened during her stay there.

Finally it became clear that the eldest of the host family came to her room over and over again, not only to sit with her on the bed but soon he was also touching her against her will and went further and further with it. He threatened her to keep her mouth shut otherwise there would be consequences. Moreover, his parents wouldn’t believe her anyway and put her on the street.

I am incredibly proud of my daughter that she has managed to pry herself out of this by asking us to fly her home earlier. It must have been extremely difficult for her to tell, because she felt very guilty. She felt that she had provoked it by first accepting that he was entering her room.

This boy was right about one thing: His parents do not believe Daphné. We’ve contacted them to explain what was going on. For us it’s unbearable that their son strongly denies having done anything wrong. We have now been to police where Daphné told her story. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to prove something like this, especially at such a long distance.

We are in contact now with the Spanish police, but we notice that it’s difficult from here. Therefore we were looking for someone who can guide us in the right direction because this guy needs to be at least called on the carpet. For our daughter it’s important that she understands that this was not her fault and that no one can get away with this.

What counts as a sexual offence?

It is important to understand what is criminal sexual conduct and when you have a chance to see the perpetrator punished. A sexual offence or sex crime is

  • any act or form of sexual contact without consent; unwanted or forced sexual activity such as rape and sexual assault
  • any act or form of sexual contact with a person who is unable to resist due to alcohol, drugs or mental or physical incapacity
  • any sexual activity with children under the legal age, most European countries set their ages in the range from 14 to 16
  • any form of a sexual relationship in which there is an unequal balance of power such as between a healthcare provider and client


We can help

If you are a victim of a sex crime, then it is important that you contact the police immediately. Borderless Investigations can help you to build a case and collect evidence so that you are in a strong position when you file a report.

We understand how sensitive these matters are and how hard it can be for victims to come forward and tell their story. We will therefore handle your experience confidentially and at your own pace. When a sex crime occurs abroad it can be difficult to make the perpetrator pay for his or her actions. We will ensure that the file meets the requirements of the country where the police report will be filed. In addition, we can help you through the necessary steps to file a report.

Contact us and discuss your case confidentially